This page hosts some of my desktop screenshots. I have two primary configurations: on my desktop PC, I am running Linux Mint 20 with a modern Cinnamon desktop. My laptop is an old Thinkpad R400, so I'm running Debian 10 with a more lightweight desktop using icewm and pcmanfm. I also use Windows 10, but that's less interesting to look at so I probably won't bother posting it here.

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Screenshot Session Name Config Files Notes
Desktop - Linux Mint 20 (Ulyana) N/A This is my fairly stock Cinnamon desktop. Theme is Mint-Y-Teal with Mint-Y-Dark window decorations and the DMZ-Black cursor theme. The wallpaper is from the Ubuntu Kylin 16.10 wallpapers in the ubuntukylin-wallpapers-yakkety package; the Kylin wallpapers are all really nice so when I get bored of my wallpaper I usually just cycle through these packs.
Laptop - Debian 10 (Buster) TBD This is my icewm desktop on my laptop; I'll try to post the config here later. The desktop theme is the default motif theme with the titlebar color edited to make the focused window more obvious. The menu button has been replaced with an alternate included with the icewm debian package. The wallpaper is a png version of the Toronto background from CDE (see the R-Explore page). The couple other touches I'd like to take care of include a GTK icon theme that fits the look better, and a way to integrate GTK3 apps into the look since I also use Firefox and a couple other GTK3 apps. If you know of any, email me.

Below are some older desktop configs from previous systems.

Shared xsession Set up to switch between a few different session types by changing the variable at the top. Possible options right now are seen below:
1992 .ctwmrc (9.9 KiB) CTWM: An early-90s workstation feel inspired by Motif, CDE, etc*. This is the one where I'm trying to keep the setup graphical and easy to use but avoiding as many "modern" toolkits gloss as possible and keeping a consistent look. * It always kinda reminded me of the ancient POS terminal from when I worked at KMart
1998 Work in progress! CTWM: A slightly more flat and modern look inspired by BeOS and Win9x. Using lxpanel and pcmanfm but without most of the rest of LXDE to keep it light.
1987 (no files, see xsession 9WM session but a little fancier than the default fallback. No config file, obviously.
Last updated November 17th, 2020