Normally I dual-boot between Linux Mint and Windows (I need it to support my 20-year-old PCI audio interface), but lately I've dug out an old Raspberry Pi Zero and started messing with it. I like to customize my desktop a lot, so this page is here for me to post any config files I thought I might want to share as I do more and more customization. It's as much for my reference as anyone else's. My primary WM on the pi right now is CTWM with 9wm as a fallback.

I'm into minimalist and vintage computing because I think Web 2.0 is kind of a bummer so a lot of my config stuff is geared towards a couple different goals, from squeezing as much functionality and performance as possible from few resources to trying to "re-desktop" my computing back from the WWW. I'm also interested in technology as subject of art and philosophy so hopefully there may be writings on related topics in the future. I'm especially interested in "outsider art" technology like TempleOS and Timecube, and I plan to list influences and thoughts later because there's a lot of folks I think probably deserve a mention or a shoutout. But anyway, here's some files:

Shared xsession Set up to switch between a few different session types by changing the variable at the top. Possible options right now are seen below:
Screenshot Session Name Config Files Notes
1992 .ctwmrc (9.9 KiB) CTWM: An early-90s workstation feel inspired by Motif, CDE, etc*. This is the one where I'm trying to keep the setup graphical and easy to use but avoiding as many "modern" toolkits gloss as possible and keeping a consistent look. * It always kinda reminded me of the ancient POS terminal from when I worked at KMart
1998 Work in progress! CTWM: A slightly more flat and modern look inspired by BeOS and Win9x. Using lxpanel and pcmanfm but without most of the rest of LXDE to keep it light.
1987 (no files, see xsession 9WM session but a little fancier than the default fallback. No config file, obviously.
Last updated April 2, 2020